FREE training for tenants

FREE training for tenants

Access FREE training courses with Mears Living.

Mears have partnered with an organisation called Learning Curve to provide FREE training opportunities for tenants.


'Mears Pathways' offers a whole range of courses which are great for supporting you to get back into work, to change jobs or just for personal development. They include everything from employability to health and physical fitness, to retail and dementia awareness.  Click here to explore the full range of subjects on offer.


The courses really are free to you as a tenant of Mears Living. This is because the provider - Learning Curve - are able to access Government funding on your behalf. The only time a charge may be applied is if you sign up and start and course, but do not finish it. So you'll need to be committed; but there is plenty of flexibility so you can fit your learning around home, work or childcare commitments. Most of the learning will be delivered online, and for each course Learning Curve will provide a full description of what will be expected of you before you sign up.

Visit the Mears Pathways site now to start exploring what's on offer; and when you're ready to sign up, just remember to quote 'Mears Living' when asked where you heard about the programme.

Good luck!