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At Mears Living, your voice matters

We aim to put customers at the very heart of our service.  We want you to have the chance to tell us what you think, and to influence the decisions we make about the way we design and deliver our services.

Complete our annual survey for a chance to win £50!

Right now, we’re asking all tenants to provide feedback in our annual ‘Your Voice’ survey for the CHANCE TO WIN £50 in Amazon Vouchers.  

Complete the survey now

Read more about feedback below.

Join the Your Voice Customer Scrutiny Panel

We’re also inviting applications to our Your Voice customer scrutiny panel.

Apply here by Friday 19th March

Read more about the panel and how to join below.

Involving customers

At Mears Living, we recognise the importance of involving tenants and giving you the chance to shape and provide feedback on our service.

As a registered provider, we are regulated by the Social Housing Regulator who sets out consumer standards that we must comply with.  These include standards for your home, your tenancy, your neighbourhood and community, and the way your are involved and empowered.

You can read about the standards here.

We are working hard to provide new ways for our tenants to be involved and empowered. Read on to see how you can make your voice heard.

Annual ‘Your Voice’ Survey

From 2021, we will survey all tenants every year to get your views on how we’re doing.

We will use your feedback to change and improve the way we do things at Mears Living and to compare our performance with other housing providers in the UK.

Win £50 for sharing your views!!

We have just launched our Annual Your Voice Survey for 2021.  Tell us what you think by completing our quick and easy survey here and you will be automatically entered into a draw to win one of two £50 Amazon vouchers!

 The survey will be open until 26th March 2021.

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Satisfaction Surveys

After every contact with us, we will send you a short questionnaire – by text or email - to ask you how we did.   Fill it in to have your say!  Your feedback is really valuable to us and will be used to adapt and improve our services over time.

Every time you complete a survey, Mears Living will donate 50p on your behalf to the Mears Foundation, our charitable trust that works in communities across the UK and overseas.

Find out about the Mears Foundation here.

Become a Your Voice scrutiny panel member

We are now inviting customers to become part of our brand new “Your Voice” customer scrutiny panel.

We are looking for people to express an interest by completing this form by 19th March 2021.

Read on for more information about the panel and how to apply.

What is the Your Voice scrutiny panel?

The Your Voice customer scrutiny panel is part of our commitment to involve tenants at the highest level to ensure we are listening to you and making changes and improvements as a result of your feedback.

 The panel will be made up of about 10 customers who will meet together around four times a year to:

·      Review our performance

·      Ask questions about our service and the decisions we make

·      Represent the views of tenants across the country

Members have the freedom to look at any issues they believe are important to residents, including things like complaints, repairs and maintenance, and policies and procedures.  The Panel will report directly to the Mears Living Board.

Apply now

We are recruiting for the first members of the panel now.  If you care about tenants having a say in the way landlord services are run, we want to hear from you by Friday 19th March.

We are holding a virtual Question and Answer Session on 3rd March at 3.30 where you can ask questions about the panel and what it involves in an informal setting. If you're interested in coming along, contact

To apply, all you need to do is complete this form, telling us about:

·       Who you are: Your name, addresses, contact number, and email if you haveone, what type of service you receive from Mears Living. 

·       Why you would like to be part of the Panel 

·      What skills and experience you think you would bring to the Panel 

·      Any other information you feel we should be aware of that would help your application 

Alternatively, you can e-mail this information to us at 


What will be involved?

We are looking for people with a passion for high customer standards and the commitment to work with us to make improvements. You will be expected to read any material sent in advance of meetings, prepare for and attend around 4 meetings a year (virtually for the time being) and possibly help put together information for reports.

In return, we will provide training to ensure you feel confident in your role, ongoing support, expenses, and the opportunity to make a real difference for all our customers.  We’re looking for people who:

·       Are currently living in a home or receiving services provided by Mears Living

·       Are interested in improving customer experience and influencing service delivery

·       Have a curious mind and are willing to ask relevant questions

·       Are able to consider the evidence and explore issues including and beyond your own experience

·       Are willing to work with others to make recommendations to improve customer experience

Previous tenant involvement experience is not required, but please tell us if you have any.

There are circumstances in which you cannot apply. They include: 

·      Not being a current customer (or partner/spouse of a customer)of Mears Living and/or have lived in one of Mears Living homes for less than 6 months

·      Being a Mears Living employee, board member, employee of a supplier of services to Mears Living

·      Being in serious rent arrears facing potential eviction

·      Having a current court order against you for the breach of terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement.

If you have any questions about this, or would like to find out more about being part of the Your Voice panel,please contact Lisa Newton on 07968 315854 or by email at

Get involved in local and community events

Look out for information about community activities and events we are running or supporting in your area. You can find out more about how to get involved with your community on our website.

For more information contact: