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Mears Group is a major provider of housing services in the UK.

We work with hundreds of local authorities and other partners in the housing sector to provide, manage and maintain homes, and care for the people who live in them.

If you are a Local Authority and you would like to explore working with us to meet housing need in your area through Mears Living, we’d love to speak to you. We can provide innovative solutions for increasing housing supply, including innovative funding and building models, to alleviate homelessness in your community.

We can:

  • Assist with section 106
  • Discharge housing duty
  • Receive housing benefit claims
  • Receive grants from HCA
  • Risk manage for both pension funds and landlords
  • Create more specialist housing such as Extra Care at no cost to the client

If you are a private or social landlord with one or more properties to let, find out how we can help you manage your portfolio.

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