Your Tenancy

Your tenancy or licence agreement is a legal document which sets out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, as well as our rights and responsibilities as your landlord.

It also describes things like the length and type of tenancy you are entering into and what you can and can’t do.

When you sign your agreement, you agree to meet the terms and conditions set out in it, including things like paying your rent on time, taking care of your home and being a good neighbour.

Please make sure you read your agreement and get in touch with us if there is anything you don’t understand.

Ending your agreement

If you want to end your tenancy, you must give us notice.

  • To end your tenancy agreement, we need 4 weeks’ notice, in writing. You can send this to us by post or by e-mail
  • To end a licence agreement, we need 7 days’ notice in writing by post or email.  

If it is not possible to give the required amount of notice, please get in touch with us.

Your Responsibilities

You must leave your home in a clean state and remove any rubbish and personal belongings.  You must also pay for any damage and outstanding repairs which are your responsibility.

Your tenancy will only end once you have left the property, returned your keys and signed a relinquish tenancy form.  Please note, you will still be liable for rent until you have done this.

If you do not abide by the terms and conditions in your tenancy agreement, we may end your tenancy and evict you.

We have to get a court order to do this and you will be informed in writing about our actions and your options throughout this period.