Scrutiny in action

Scrutiny in action

Tenant scrutiny meetings are underway

The brand new Mears Living tenant scrutiny panel is now up and running and has met twice over the Summer.

At the first meeting, members learned more about their role on the panel and what the upcoming programme of activity would look like. And then, last week, they met to carry out their first scrutiny session. During the meeting, the members had a discussion about feedback from tenants. They heard a presentation about the feedback we have received through the annual satisfaction survey, the surveys we carry out following each repair and the feedback we have received through complaints.

On the whole, the panel felt that we could improve overall tenant satisfaction. From their own experiences, and drawing on the experiences of other tenants they have come into contact with, they felt that communication around repairs was the biggest problem for tenants and something that needed looking at in more detail. They also suggested that we should look at other ways to get feedback to make sure we're hearing from as many tenants as possible.

The panel went on to agree their first in depth scrutiny topic, which will be a more detailed look at repairs, and in particular, communication about repairs. They will hold a further session between now and October to scope out this piece of work, which will involve helping us to review our processes and looking in more depth at our performance, and will then carry out the first part of the review in their October meeting.

The findings of the panel will be reported to the Mears Living Board each quarter and to tenants in the performance section of the Mears Living website.